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Nepal is a developing country, Many people are medium class families in Nepal so today we will discuss the Scholarship of bachelor’s in Nepal. In Nepal different type of institute provide a scholarship to support the students and their reach aims. The scholarship is available in different levels of education but here we will look at available scholarships in Nepal.

The fee of higher education (Bachelor) is increasing day by day. It could not possible to get a higher level education without the support of the government and any other form of financial aid. Today we will discuss all the scholarships available for bachelor-level education in Nepal.

Scholarship In Nepal

Scholarship For Engineering Students

In Nepal, Everyone wants to be an engineer. So engineering in Bachelor is most popular in Nepal. There is reason to choose engineering in a bachelor is “Nepal is a developing country”. In Nepal, Different universities and colleges provide an engineering degree.

IOE Tribhuvan University

At Tribhuvan University, you can get a different program in engineering. There are different types and no. of seats for a different type of engineering. To apply for IOE seats at Tribhuvan university you need to fill up the form of IOE entrance application. The entrance exam is the same for regular and paying candidates.

S.N. Program Scholarship Quota
1 Civil 192
2 Architecture 48
3 Electrical 48
4 Electronics and Communication 60
5 Mechanical 60
6 Computer 48
7 Agriculture 12
8 Industrial 12
9 Geomatics 24

Pokhara University

Pokhara university provides different types of scholarships in the engineering program. Pokhara university provides scholarships to 10 percent of the approved quota of students in affiliated colleges and 20 percent in constituent schools. I will give you a list of scholarships from different faculty of engineering.

S.N. Program Scholarship Quota
2 B ARCH 15
3 BE-CIVIL 130
5 BE-ELX & COM 20
7 BE-IT 25
8 BE-ELE & ELC 29

Kathmandu University

KU gives various types of scholarships to candidates or students. There are different scholarship programs for the different engineering programs. For Engineering every 30 paid students, 1 student will be admitted in scholarship. The scholarship is provided for one year (1st year) & continue getting the scholarship student should maintain a minimum total of 3.0 GPA.

Purbanchal University

Purbanchal university provides scholarship just like Pokhara university. So you need to know about the scholarship of Pokhara University.

Scholarship In Nepal For Bachelor 2021

Scholarship of management

In Tribhuvan university, you can get a scholarship, admit 32 students then 2 students get a 50 percent scholarship. The selection should base on their marks hit list. In Pokhara university, it’s clear just as an Engineering program, 10 percent of the approved quota of candidates (students) in affiliated colleges & 20 percent on constituent schools.

S.N. Program Scholarship Quota
1 BBA 405
2 BBA-BI 108
3 BCIS 35
4 BHCM 25
5 BHM 90
6 BBA-TT 15

Scholarship in Health Science

Pokhara University provide different type of scholarship on health science. Here is a quota distribution.

S.N. Program Scholarship Quota
1 B Pharm 19
2 B Sc MLT 19
3 BPH 33

Institute of Medicine (IOM) provides about 45 MBBS, 10 BSc. Nursing scholarship in paramedical courses in Nepal.

MOE provides about 250 MBBS scholarships & about 40 BSD in different Medical & Dental colleges in Nepal & abroad.

BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (BPKIHS) Provided 29 seats in MBBS Scholarship. For BSD program scholarship sheat are about 8

Scholarship In Nepal For Bachelor 2021 | Learn About Scholarship|

Other Scholarship in Nepal

Indian Embassy, Japanese Embassy, Bangladesh Embassy & many others provide scholarships in Nepal & abroad. The Ministry of education often publishes the notice on this type of scholarship. Follow this link to get notified on the scholarship on Embassy Scholarship.



Education is more expensive in Nepal day by day. Some colleges now about it and thy helps student to get an education in low price. But Nepali poor people can not get a degree on a bachelor in paid. Because this is more expensive on nowadays. We search this information with another platform. If I missed some information on this list then please inform me with a comment then I will edit this post again.

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