Top 5 Best Emulator For Computer, Laptop & Pc 2021

we might have come across several uses of android emulators. we use android emulators for playing any android games. any android apps run on our pc with ease with no difference. when we play on our pc it runs even smoother than any android device.

In a market, there are a lot of android emulators to see and it’s really difficult to know which one is better every android emulator has some special features inside it so here in this video we will show you the top 5 best fastest and smooth turf android emulators.

Top 5(Ko player)

Top 5 emulators in 2021

Here we have a ko player android emulator. it is really the best freeware and light emulator built for gaming. which has been recently updated to version 1.4.1. whenever we first install ko player on our system. it asks us about speed mode or compatible mode.

if you are running on average system specs then you must use speed mode. but if you think you have a powerful machine. then you must select compatible mode hit the continue to start.

when you open it for the very first time it will start loading of course. there’s a login with your Google account to access play store apps in this emulator. so this is the main interface of this ko player which is very nice.

 on the left side of the screen, it contains a vertical bar consisting of a lot of features to see including keyboard control. you can adjust key mapping to your desired preference shaking screen rotation, camera location, video recording, external installation of apps.

 volume up and down the full screen and many other features in a play store. where you can find all of your android games and application. you can have a lot of fun with this emulator. you may also configure the settings of your desired preference in this emulator.

 if you go to advanced settings you can even customize your ram usage. if you think you have a powerful pc and running high ram. then here you can even increase ram usage. if you face any lag while playing any game. so you can use speed direct mode overall.

I would say this is really great android emulator for playing android games if you want to use the ko player then you must know about some of the requirements before installation of the ko player on your pc.

Top 4(nox player)

Top 5 emulators in 2021

Here we have nox android emulator, which has been recently updated to nox and contains android 5 functioning. it works perfectly on windows pc and mac contains multiple controller support. nox is one of the most stable android emulator specially designed for gaming.

The starting interface of nox emulator 6.6.1 is quite amazing to see. it sports android 5. it is fully loaded with the play store and the best thing here to see is the app center. in the app center, you can find all of the featured gaming apps in the app management.

It shows all of the apps downloaded installed and their updates. on the right side of the nox vertical bar, quick features are ready to see including maximize window key mapping features for the keyboard and game controller.

 You can even assign your own keys as you want a file assistant external apks installer. much more nox emulator sports multiple instances. in the multi-instance settings, you can even set frame settings resolution settings, and much more.

You can add new multiple windows to android 5 or android 7. android 5 is the official window on nox for the best performance while android 7 is compatible with the latest games. here I will recommend android 7.

Then it will create a new setup window for android 7. in its multiple instances. window click on start then the new window of the memo with android 7 will open. it’s really smooth and easy to control all of the multiple windows in nox.

 here inside a t-shirt icon. you will find a lot of themes you can select anything that you want in a settings menu. you will find a lot of settings to see including clean and backup. I personally like nox it is really stable android emulator. if you wanna play android games it’s really best suitable for you.

Top 3(Id Player)

Top 5 emulators in 2021

Here on this list is ld player, ld player is an android emulator specially designed for gaming and a very powerful android emulator. that has been recently updated to 4.0.3. Aldi is fully loaded with the play store.

So we can access all of our gaming apps in this emulator. we can also have ld store. which is fully loaded with games and other android apps. on the right side of ld player, we have a column consisting of all features including settings keyboard mapping volume up and down full-screen screenshot, and much more in settings.

Where we can see a lot of settings options in the game settings. in the frame rate setup, you can play games up to 120 frame rate per second. you can even change the wallpaper in a led player.

Led player sports multiple instances, so you can play several games simultaneously. ld is free weird and absolutely free to download and install on your pc it sports up to android 7.1.

Top 2(Bluestacks)

Top 5 emulators in 2021

On this list is bluestacks which is such a powerful android emulator competing with all other android emulators. it has been recently updated to version 4.2.4. this update is quite amazing i feel blue sticks, even more, faster than the other previous version no lag issues. I personally found blue stick spores play store like all other android emulators.

 it also has a game center where a lot of variety of games are ready to install on your pc. on the right side a blue stick where you will see a vertical bar consisting of all of the features including screen zooming volume increase and decrease external.

apk installer screenshot and much more it has a play and win for gift cards. so you can claim these rewards in the reward center. here in the menu icon in the settings, you will find a bunch of settings options.

you may even customize these settings to your desired preference. you can also change the skin of your blue sticks as you want. if you think your blue stakes are lacking in your system blue stakes give us a solution to fix these issues.

 here in the menu at the bottom, you will see the speed up tips read and follow all of them. if you think your blue sticks are laggy. if you face any problem while using blue sticks. then you need to go to the help and sports center where you can post your query. bluestacks sports multiple instances.

 so you can access several apps simultaneously to avoid lagging while using multiple screens. there is an echo mode you have to enable. which will fix lagging issues while accessing several windows simultaneously.

 so this is highly recommended if you want to install blue stacks on your pc. then you must read some of the basic system requirements of blue sticks before installation of blue sticks on your system.

Top 1 (Memuplay)

Top 5 emulators in 2021

Here we have a memo android emulator, This is one of the best smoothest fastest and powerful android emulators in the market. It has been recently updated to memo version 7.2.7. The memo has been competing for blue sticks and knocks for the last couple of years in my opinion.

 Now it is one of the best smoothest and powerful android emulators for gaming and all other apps like other android emulators. A memo is fully loaded with the play store so you can access all of your favorite android games and apps in a memo in windows settings. Here you can even fix size you can fix landscape.

 If you face some apps running in a vertical screen size you can also use the full-screen mode key mapping feature to customize. The keys installation of external apks multi instances. So you can run multiple windows simultaneously volume up and down your location and many other features down below the settings icon.

You will see three dots horizontally when you will click. You will see some additional features including screen shaking screenshot screen recorder and many others. The hanging gif icon on the memo will lead towards some of the most recommended gaming apps. Which is recommended by the memo emulator. If you go to the multiple instance manager window here you can see that memo can support android 7.1.

Which is the recommended version by memo. You can also use previous android versions 4.4 5.1. But my recommendation is android 7.1 as it sports all of the latest android games and apps. You need to click on it.

It will generate that instance then after you need to click on start. Then it will start loading then after that you will see a new window. so in this way, we can use multiple instance windows on the memo without any lag in a menu icon.

we have a settings option inside settings. we have a lot of settings options in the display settings. we can even increase or decrease the frame rate one of the great things I personally found in the memo. we can root memo so we can access all of the rooted apps on the memo to get that in the system settings in the engine.

 you have to turn on root mode then hit the ok button. then you need to restart the memo after the restart memo will be rooted. you can download and install the memo on your pc it is absolutely free to install. but before installation makes sure you must check the system requirements.

I hope you got a something special emulator for your laptop or Pc. If you like this blog then comment in this blog. Don’t forget to learn other blog

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